The Concept

In the midst of the tumultuous year that was 2020, three childhood friends came together to change the way the world views grooming. Aby and Tare, both sporting impressive beards, faced a common dilemma. They couldn't find a beard oil that not only nourished their facial hair but also smelled delightful.

Frustrated with the lack of suitable options in the market, they decided to take matters into their own hands. This decision marked the birth of Beard Surgeon, a brand that would redefine the beard care industry.



Two became THREE

During this development stage, they introduced their friend Oje to their project. Oje, who also had a background in business development and project management  from their college days, was immediately captivated by the concept. Seeing the potential and sharing their passion, Oje eagerly joined the team.

In January 2021, Beard Surgeon made its official debut, offering a range of meticulously crafted beard & hair care products. Their dedication to quality and their unique approach to scents quickly set them apart from the competition. With a compelling online presence and the ability to pivot to meet the demands of an evolving market, Beard Surgeon gained a devoted following.

Our History

Jan 2021

The first Instagram post.

This was our first introduction into the grooming world.

June 2022

The very first Pop up

A visit to Tare's Church to showcase our products.

August 2022

Ilford Exchange Shopping Centre

The first taste of what the retail life entails.

November 2022

Storage Move

The neighbours started to complain and we had to get our own storage space!. Aby and Oje made the decision to move to Big Yellow.

January 2023

New improved logo

We decided to revamp our logo to match the direction the business was heading in.

February 2023

The very first Beard Surgeon KIOSK!

This was the moment everything changed. We launched the first Kiosk in Westfield Stratford.

May 2023

First Award

Our very first award at the Afro Hair & Beauty show. Oje & Tasha made HISTORY!

June 2023

The SECOND kiosk

We decided to expand and setup a temporary kiosk in the Watford Atria Shopping Centre.

September 2023

Kiosk No. 3

After conquering East London, it was time to move to the WEST.